What a relief! Oobi Eggi has been found…

1st Round Winner: Congratulations Sarah Brotherton for being the first Oobi Mum to bring him in! Oobi Eggi was hiding in the Raindrop elbow patch of the Ethan Hoodie Jacket. Oobi Kylie will be sending you your reward for finding this cheeky eggscape artist!



2nd Round Winner: Congratulations Nadia Cherry for finding Oobi Eggi hiding in the photo of Oobi Nic decorating the tree on the Oobi blog. Oobi Kylie will be sending you your reward to for capturing this eggspert hider.onatree

A little birdie has told me he eggscape again! If he does he will be in so much trouble! no yolk! Please keep an eye out on our blog and Facebook page for an announcement, if he eggscapes again! Knowing Oobi Eggi he will sure to do it real soon…




2 Responses to “Oobi Eggi has been Found!”
  1. Annika says:

    Well done Sarah!! Good eyes! x

  2. Mars says:

    I don’t know how you spotted that one Nadia! Super hero eyes!

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